It isn’t often an independent movie breaks through the velvet ropes of local theaters. It’s even less often that a movie written and filmed in Lansing has the chance to reach a large audience on the big screen.
“Unruly Nights” and it’s creators hope to change it all. The movie, written and produced by MSU theater junior Nathaniel Nose, premiered in NCG Theaters located in the Eastwood Town Center in East Lansing on Thursday Oct. 8. Nearly 200 people, ranging from 17 to 70-year-olds, piled into theater 3 to view the film, a 1970s take on William Shakespeare’s “MacBeth.”
[unruly] Not only was the opening a first for the independent film scene in Lansing, it was a first for the theater, as well. “This is a new avenue for us,” said Kristy Smith, day manager of NCG. She said hopes the community really responds positively to the local involvement of the theater.
Nose was working with Brett Smith on a movie when he showed Smith the trailer of “Unruly Nights.” Smith was impressed and suggested Nose show it to his father’s theater, NCG. Nose and his partner, Jeff Croley, then showed the movie to theater management who agreed that the movie was good enough to run for a week, Nose said.
After fifteen months of work and a tight $1,000 budget, the film was shown free to everyone. Major productions, on average, spend $39 million dollars on advertising alone. But, actor Shane Hagedorn doesn’t want to compare the movie to a major Hollywood picture.
“In the end, you just want people to see your stuff,” Hagedorn said.
Nose, who said he is surprised by the “staggering lack of support” of the arts in the area, wants his movie to open the door to other independent filmmakers in the area.
“I leave with the knowledge that anything is possible and if you dare to dream and have brass balls, you can do it,” Nose said.

Check out “Unruly Nights” before it’s out of NCG on Oct. 14.

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