Leave behind your passport and take a trip without leaving the country, or even campus. The Foreign Film series, presented by the Department of French, Classics and Italian, takes place every Friday in the Old Horticulture Building’s auditorium (Room 206) at 5:30 p.m.
A mix of students and East Lansing community members fill the auditorium each week to take in a unique film and expand their cultural borders. A new movie every other week keeps movie-goers coming back for more to see films that are miles from the ordinary American blockbuster. MSU junior and foreign film enthusiast Brooke Lipsitz loves that these aren’t the normal films playing almost non-stop at major theaters.
“You don’t really see previews, so when you go to see them, nothing is spoiled for you,” Lipsitz said.
Also, patrons don’t need to be well versed in another language to enjoy these foreign flicks; every film is subtitled. The films, which can hail from any part of the globe (including Canada), are spoken in French, Italian, Spanish or Portuguese.
However, it is not just the language that makes these films uniquely foreign. The cinematography, the way the characters are presented and the overall style of these films are completely different from American movies.
Audrey Brunetaux, a French teaching assistant, agreed that, “The culture of French movies differs from American movies and gives the viewer a cultural experience.”
Lipsitz goes to see foreign films for just that reason.
“[I like to] get an idea of other countries’ cultural norms or the pop culture in Europe,” she said.
Whether you’re a foreign film connoisseur or just tired of paying homage to the trite Hollywood flick, the Old Horticulture Building’s foreign film series has your fix. The award-nominated French film Les Invasions Barbares plays Oct. 15.
For more information on the film line-up, check out the film series’ website at www.fci.msu.edu .

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