The media. Ugh. Who needs them? It’s not like they’ve done us right lately.
That seems to be the common sentiment about our media these days. A shrug, a smug look, and an “Eh, who needs em.”
[blah]Well, the truth is we do need them and I’m not just saying that because I’m a journalism student and an editor. However, I admit that in the last few years the mainstream media has failed us. Whether it’s fabricating reporters, partisan corporate conglomerates or shady fact checkers- the people were wronged. During early coverage of the War in Iraq, reporters were busy embedded and did not ask the hard questions like if we went to war as a last resort. Journalists cheered on the present administration blindly, failing to be critical as it swept our civil liberties out from underneath our kitchen tables. Giant conglomerates like Fox News control much of the media, effectively skewing some stories to the point of pure lies. Rupert Murdoch practically has a monopoly on the marketplace of ideas. Network news basically sealed the election for Bush in 2000. One anchor or article can determine the outcome of the Presidential debates, as all the others sheepishly “group think.” Does this scare anyone else?
The media should serve the public interest by telling them the truth. First and foremost, it is the job of a journalist to be a herald of the truth. Unfortunately, it is hard to tell the truth from the lies we often see spewing from the mouths of anchors. So I ask you to start here, with this little online magazine. We can’t give you all the news you’ll need but what we will be is honest with you. This is one facet of the media that has no motives. Uncorrupted by agendas, smooth as a virgin, we have no reason to lie.
Here at The Big Green, as we start our second full year with a new site and many new staffers, we want to make sure we’re doing our jobs. One of our goals is to cover local stories that deserve to be heard but do not get covered by other media outlets. Let us know what kinds of stories we are missing. Write in with your opinions, however backwards or sub-surface they may seem. Send us suggestions or write a column yourself. We won’t be America’s, or MSU’s, or anyone’s cheerleaders.

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