[older]They gave up thirsty Thursday to open the playroom for children staying at Haven House, a shelter for homeless families. They took time out on Friday afternoon to visit the elderly. They got up at 7:00 a.m. on Saturday (apparently it does exist) to register Special Olympic participants for the Pi Mile.
Circle K International, affiliated with Kiwanis International, at MSU is one branch of the volunteer and leadership organization that prides itself on giving back to the community. Members focus on leadership and service, and volunteer their time at various social events.
“I like to do volunteer work,” new member and special education junior Erin Hansen said. “They make it easy to do, because they put things together and organize rides.”
President Kristy Slominski, a German sophomore, feels it is important to bond with a group of people over their shared interest in helping the community. Her favorite memory from Circle K was when she and others worked with a group of mentally challenged Boy Scouts. She said the experience helped her to realize a different aspect of the community, and left her feeling as if her time and effort had made an impact. The boyscouts had made an impact on her as well.
On Friday, October 1, Circle K visited Burcham Hills Retirement Community to socialize with residents and help the staff with paperwork. They organized a tea party and flower arranging project for the seniors who were excited to spend time with a younger generation. The look on the residents’ faces and their kind words of appreciation made the experience rewarding, to say the least.
“I think it’s excellent, not only for us, but for them, too,” said Vivian Kuchek, a resident of Burcham Hills.
Circle K is composed of an incredible group of hardworking, devoted individuals who exercise their compassion and render their services to the community at the expense of themselves.
To become a member of Circle K, you must attend meetings on Sunday nights, three weeks out of the month, at 7:00 p.m. in the Ohio State room of the Union. Participants are encouraged to take part in community service events organized by the group. Participants choose which events they would like to attend and the number of hours they volunteer. There are many socials to attend such as canoeing trips, Sunday dinners, the Make-A-Wish Tiger’s game and dances hosted by Grand Valley State University. Members must also pay a $40 fee, the majority of which goes to put on Circle K International leadership conferences. In college terms, $40 is a hefty amount of cash, which proves how devoted the group’s members are.
Circle K will continue to leave it’s mark on the community and a smile on the face of every person they visit, even if it means sacrificing their day to make someone else’s a little brighter.

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