[van] Toothache, backache, stomachache, cough, cold, flu.
Olin Health Center is the place to go for Michigan State University students who need medical care. Olin offers students a variety of medical services ranging from its urgent care facility to its health education department. When seeing 20,000 to 22,000 students per year, it is important that Olin be equipped to handle both major and minor medical problems.
Olin has an urgent care facility available to students for medical emergencies that do not need hospitalization like sprains, eye injuries, and food poisoning. If the emergency is more serious, Olin will transport the patient to Sparrow Hospital.
Kathleen Braunlich, communications and planning coordinator for Olin, says that at least one patient per week is transferred to Sparrow Hospital.
For students who do not feel well and are not sure if they need medical care, Olin provides a service where students can call a trained technician 24 hours a day with medical questions. The trained technicians will not make a diagnosis, but they will advise students in what they should do to get better.
[olin] “I think that is something good to know about just in case I don’t feel good when I am up here and can’t get a hold of anyone else to ask,” says psychology sophomore, Aubrey Devine.
Olin offers a health education program. Nutritionists are available to speak with students about healthy eating habits and weight concerns. There is a Life Rx program where students are tested in various physical activities, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. The information is entered into a computer and the student receives a personalized fitness plan to follow for the next two months. The initial visit is followed up by a second visit three months later to see how the student is progressing.
Other services Olin has include a pharmacy with a prescription delivery service, dental services, HIV testing, immunizations, and a primary care clinic.
Many students do not know theses services are offered to them much less that Olin is open all year. “One of the things students don’t know is that most services are available year around,” said Kathleen Braunlich.
Erica Phillipich, a sophomore, agrees, “I am surprised to hear that Olin is open during the summer because you would think that with less students around, there wouldn’t be much for the people at Olin to do.”
Because Michigan State University is such a large school, it has to be able to provide a variety of medical attention for students whenever students might be in need of care.
Olin Health Center does just that.
For more information on the services Olin offers, visit www.olin.msu.edu.

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